Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fine Print: Terms & Conditions

By providing payment information to The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel, you are PURCHASING your Preferred Date & Time for a Service. Payment is processed immediately, and we do not retain card information for your security.

All Traditional and Elvis Weddings include one of our Licensed Wedding Officiants. Our Tennessee Statutes do not recognize Online Ordination.

Availability may change prior to booking.

Please read ALL Terms & Conditions below before calling to check Availability and before Booking your Ceremony. FAILURE TO READ any or all of the Terms and Conditions does NOT exempt anyone or exclude any of the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions apply to all booked Ceremonies here at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel.

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and "we" are one and the same.



NO REFUNDS INCLUDES and IS NOT LIMITED to the following: Buyers Remorse, Personal Reasons, Travel Conditions and Restrictions, Financial, Weather, Health, Injury, Accident, and/or any reason beyond our control, including and/or not limited to Chapel Relocation and Government Restrictions. Above are some examples of NO REFUNDS. However, The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel DOES NOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON! Including unforeseen reasons and/or unexpected reasons NOT listed above, whether it be in and/or out of yours and/or our control.

We encourage you to purchase Wedding Insurance. There are many affordable options. This is especially helpful if rescheduling is not an option. The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel goes to great lengths to offer affordable Weddings at often unheard of and unmatched pricing so, please, read and be aware of all of our Terms and Conditions.

Because The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel leases property, we may be forced and have been forced, to relocate after a Couple has booked a Wedding or Renewal. We do not nor will we not, issue Refunds due to Relocation BEYOND OUR CONTROL. We GUARANTEE our Couples a Wedding with their Package Choice in a current or new location with a similar setting that we deem appropriate for Ceremonies, however, it may not be the location at the time of your booking. Again, we offer no refunds for Relocations. Once we have found a location and relocated, we will notify our couples of the new address in a timely manner we deem appropriate.

We have RELOCATED to a gorgeous Wedding Chapel setting with our Couples in mind, for multiple years and a long term agreement. We do not see being forced to relocate in the forseeable future, in fact, we hope for this location to be permanant for The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel at:

1829 Old Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville Tennessee 37217

Our new Picturesque Wedding Chapel location offers LARGER Weddings at amazingly affordable pricing and yet keep our Elopement Pricing in place! The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is still only 15 minutes from Downtown, the Grand Ol Opry, Music Valley Drive and 10 minutes from major hotels in the Donelson area including the Opryland Hotel and 5 minutes from our Airport! Couple Friendly, Guests Friendly, Family Friendly with plenty of parking! PLUS so many Wedding Photography Settings and new Wedding & Reception options!

Cancellations require 48 Hours' notice or within 24 Hours Emergency Notice with Proof of Emergency to be Eligible for Reschedules and Transfers.

You may RESCHEDULE your Ceremony from the ORIGINAL Ceremony Date, and Time- based on purchased Package Reschedule Terms at no additional charge with one Reschedule occurrence. One Time TRANSFERS are allowed on combined or not combined packages for $299 & up with a Transfer fee of $199. Reschedules and Transfers must be made by the Original Booker and Card Holder. Reschedules & Transfers are based on availability. Unavailability will NOT extend your Reschedule or Transfer Date/Time Limit. Transfers must adhere to all Terms & Conditions. The Receivers of the Transfer get no Reschedule or Transfer option.





The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is a Destination Wedding Chapel in Nashville that provides Civil Ceremonies that are legally Binding. Ceremonies with Scripture from the Bible, and are performed by one of our Licensed Wedding Officiants. RENEWALS require proof of Marriage upon arrival.

We are glad to make recommendations for Ceremonies at other locations if we are unable to accommodate your request.

ALL packages require Payment in Full with a Debit/Credit Card, and all cards are accepted. Cash is permissible when booking in person. Add-Ons require payment in full.

No Deposits. No Holds. NO REFUNDS. No Refunds, including and not limiting to Inclement Weather, Intoxication, or failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions. NO REFUNDS for any reason. Please ask about a one-time, no charge, reschedule opportunity should the need arise. NO FULL OR PARTIAL CREDITS.

The couple may reschedule, one time only, with no additional charges, within three months of the original booking date unless otherwise noted on the Wedding Package. Military Deployments may reschedule within one year from the original booking date. Additional reschedules beginning with the second reschedule, require a $100 reschedule fee for each additional reschedule up to two additional reschedules at $100 each. The fourth reschedule requires payment in full for a new Wedding Package and Wedding Date/Time. All reschedules, and bookings are based on availability. Holidays & Events may require additional charges.

No Arrivals: may reschedule only by the person who is the credit/debit cardholder at the time of booking and are subject up to a $100 “missed date/time” fee. The definition of a “No Arrival” is where either bride or groom or both are a No Show. We understand there may be emergencies; please designate someone to call us in case of an emergency so that we may reschedule your Ceremony for a later date, and proof may be required. Holidays & Special Events require extra charges to be announced.

Package Prices are subject to change. If you choose to change your Package, there are no downgrades that give any credits or refunds, and if you upgrade to a higher package, you will be required to pay the difference. Please expect to pay the price difference of a package upgrade or Holiday/Event Surcharge if you re-book on a Holiday or Special Event and are Subject to Availability.

Holidays & Special Events are at special prices to be announced.

By Appointment Only. No Walk-Ins.

We normally can book your Ceremony with the same day Availability. However, we cannot guarantee the Same Day Availability. If we can accommodate your Same-Day Ceremony, the Same-Day Rates start at $200, with NO exceptions.

Availability is always Tentative and subject to change until payment is received for your preferred date, time, and package.

A $100 Late Arrivals & Reschedules.

If the couple and/or guests/wedding party are more than 10 minutes late for any reason and the Ceremony is requested to hold by the couple, or a request to reschedule less than 24 hours of your Ceremony time, a $100 fee will apply for any late/reschedule circumstance. Also,10 minutes or later for Late Arrivals and Late Start Times due to the couple’s request or Reschedules when The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is not notified at least 24 hours prior to Ceremony Booking and will be assessed prior to Ceremony Reschedule and rescheduling is based on Availability. •Leaving your Marriage License in your car and causing the Ceremony to start more than ten minutes late is considered a Late Arrival, and $100 Late Arrival fee is required before the Ceremony will begin, and we cannot guarantee a Ceremony will take place with original Booking Date, a reschedule of Date/Time may be required. The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel will not guarantee availability for a specific Date/Time request.

Please do not enter the Chapel or knock on the Chapel door or windows before your booked time. You may purchase additional time when booking your Ceremony if you feel that you will need additional time in blocks of 30 minutes for $100. Such reasons include either Bride & Groom changing and Early Arrival doesn’t come with your package choice, Newlyweds wish to change after your Ceremony.

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel realizes that so many couples travel from out of town right up to your Ceremony. However, we may have a Ceremony in progress prior to your arrival, and out of respect for all couples, we want to allow for all Ceremonies to be complete without any overlapping. There are eating establishments, coffee shops, shopping & sightseeing within walking distance of the chapel, so again we ask that you extend the same courtesy to couples that we ask they extend to you and that you do not assume we do not have a ceremony in progress. Please ask your Wedding Party & Guests to do the same.

Tipping your Rhinestone Wedding Chapel Wedding Officiant, Elvis Impersonator, and Wedding Photographer is not required, however, it is a nice gesture for a performance well done and is customary. Our Service providers operate on a budgeted rate so that we may remain one of the lowest-priced Nashville Wedding Venues; your Tips help offset our/their lower than average rates given to The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel and passed to our couples.

The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel is not responsible for lost items or damaged items belonging to the couple/guests, including and not limited to additional decorations, cameras, electronics. Compensation to The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel covering Any damages caused by the couple or guests due to negligence to Chapel property other than normal wear and tear must be made prior to departure of The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel.

Children of all ages count as Guests. Children must have an additional adult present when Rhinestone Staff besides the Officiant is not present. The Couple must book the appropriate package regarding Guest Count, including Children. The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel reserves the right to correct a child guest or ask an adult to correct a child guest if an adult/parent is unaware/oblivious regarding a child/children is/are not being attended to.


The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel does not provide Previews for packages under $599.

Other rules may apply that are not listed under this section titled Fine Print. Also, additional Terms and Conditions may be listed under the individual packages and specials.

Please call us at 615-596-8100 for any questions or to book your Wedding or Renewal. Please complete our form under the CONTACT section or email us at rhinestoneweddings@gmail.com for Availability and please specify up to three dates for Availability.