Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Tennessee Marriage License or a marriage license from the state I live in?

You need a marriage license from the state where you are getting married. So, if you're getting married in Tennessee, you would need to obtain a Tennessee marriage license.

Can we bring our own officiant?

As a full-service chapel, we include an officiant in all of our packages. Therefore, we do not permit outside officiants to conduct ceremonies at our venue. This ensures consistency in service and helps us maintain the quality and integrity of each wedding ceremony we host.

Can we bring our own decorations to the Chapel?

Our chapel comes fully decorated, eliminating the need for additional decorations. Since we host multiple weddings a day, we do not permit further decorating to ensure efficient turnaround between ceremonies. This policy helps us maintain the ambiance and readiness of the chapel for each wedding party.

Do you have availability that day?

Yes, most likely we can get you in, we do multiple weddings a day. The key factor in scheduling is to tell us which package you are interested in most. This allows us to know how much time is needed and when we can get you on the schedule.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, we work our schedules off reservations. The reservation allows you to plan your wedding at a certain time and allows us to schedule in the needed participants for your day.

Can you do a same day wedding?

We can sometimes fit a last-minute wedding in, cash is required on the same day weddings. (those will be our 15-minute lunch hour specials)

Do you do multiple Weddings & Receptions a day?

We only do one Wedding & Reception a day. We schedule these later in the day so we can do our other weddings as well.

How early can we arrive ahead of our reservation times?

We will always send you a confirmation of your wedding times. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes earlier than your time quoted. We do multiple weddings a day, so there might still be a wedding in progress ahead of you.

Do you do chapel preview showings for weddings?

We do showings for the Wedding & Reception packages only. We do have a glass door on the chapel, so we always invite you to come by, and if there are no cars in the parking area, you can peek in. We put lots of pictures on our Facebook page and Instagram. You can get a good feeling of how it looks inside based on those pictures as well.

Do I need a wedding license?

Yes, you do. That is a legal document between you and the state. You can do most of it online. It is required by Tennessee you go to the County Clerk's Office and pick it up in person. Once you get the license, you have 30 days to get it validated (we validate). You’ll have three days after to return it yourself, or we will mail it in for you, if requested.

What if I am late to my own wedding?

If you arrive late to your own wedding, the time allotted for your ceremony at the chapel will not be extended. This means that if you're late, you will have less time for your ceremony.

Which county is Nashville in?

Davidson County (We can validate ANY license in any COUNTY in Tennessee. If you live in a different county, you can bring us your marriage license from there and we can validate it too).

Can we throw flower petals or confetti at the wedding?

We do not allow petals, confetti, rice, use of sparklers, bubbles or any sort of poppers to be used or thrown inside or outside the chapel. We would allow bird seed to be thrown outside, if desired (only on the grass area)

Can we drink or eat at the Chapel?

No food or beverage is allowed in the Chapel. Food and drink are only available during receptions or cake ceremonies.


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