The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel

Elvis is in the Chapel of Nashville on Famous Music Row!

Nashville Wedding Chapel  
Getting married in Nashville? Elvis is in the Chapel, this Destination Wedding of Nashvile on Famous Music Row that is! Practice your lip curl'n, be ready to sing along with Elvis and to each other! We are the only Elvis Wedding Chapel in Nashville, in fact we believe this side of Vegas! So get ready to be crooned and swooned to because not only will Elvis walk our Rhinestone Bride down the aisle, ham up your Vows a piece and dance with you, Elvis will also pose with you to capture your memories of your Fabulous Elvis Wedding!

Nashville Bliss Elvis Elopemen

Nashville Bliss Elvis Elopement: $299.00

  • Elvis walks & sings our Rhinestone Bride down the Aisle!
  • Elvis shares your Wedding Vows with our Wedding Officiant!
  • Elvis serenades our Newlyweds with a First Dance!
  • Then Get ready for FAST & FUN Elvis Song!
  • Participation is recommended if you bring Wedding Guests!
  • Bring up to twelve (12) Wedding Guests if you wish!
  • Thirty (30) Minute Elvis Wedding.
  • Time for Staged Photos with Elvis & your phone/camera!
  • Add our Wedding Photography starting at  $199!
  • Dressing Room is Available Upon Request
  •  Please have Hair and Makeup complete upon Arrival.
  • 30 Minute Early Arrival.
  • Please add $25 for changing before departure 

Music Row Elvis Wedding
Music Row Elvis Wedding: $399.00

  • Theres a whole lotta Move'n & Shake'n going on with Elvis!
  • The more you & your Guests ham it up, Elvis is hammy!
  • Elvis sings the Bride down the Aisle!
  • Elvis shares the wedding vows with our wedding officiant.
  • Elvis serenades our Newlyweds with a First Dance! 
  • Fun Songs for the Newlyweds & Guests Participation!
  • Time for Staged Photos with Elvis with your phones!
  • Add our Wedding Photography starting at only  $199!
  • Additional Settings & Props upon request!
  • Up To twenty (20) Wedding Guests.
  • Bridal Suite available for our Rhinestone Bride!
  • Please have Hair and Makeup complete upon Arrival.
  • One Hour Early Arrival.
  • 1 Hour Ceremony.
  • Please add $25 for changing before departure 

Nash Vegas Elvis Wedding
Nash Vegas Elvis Wedding: $799.00

  • Elvis Serenades the Bride down the Aisle!
  • Elvis shares the Wedding Vows with our Wedding Officiant.
  • Elvis serenades our Newlyweds with a First Dance!
  • Up to twenty-five (25) Wedding Guests!
  • Several FAST & SLOW Songs for everyone's participation!
  • Toast with Elvis &  Non-Alcoholic Bubbly For everyone!
  • Staged Photos with Elvis in our different Settings & Props!
  • Use your own cellphone/camera or bring your own Photographer!
  • Add our Wedding Photography for $299!
  • Your own Photographer $75 Fee is waived if you bring yours.
  • 1 Hour Ceremony/ 2 Hour Reception.
  • Elvis leaves the Chapel after your Elvis Wedding & Toast.
  • Your Wedding Reception inlcudes your Wedding Cake! 
  • You pick your cake flavor, filling and select icing styles!
  • Your Wedding Cake is one tier and four layers, delicious!
  • We provide cups, plastic ware,  plates, linens, and cleanup!
  • You may bring up to three (3) Appetizers!
  • We will provide non-alcoholic sodas/water!
  • Please provide additional plates, serviceware, napkins ect.
  • Service is Buffet Style.
  • Reception Seating is setup for dancing & gathering.
  • Bring your own playlist  to Dance too!
  • Gift Tables available upon request
  • One Hour Early Arrival for everyone.
  • Please have Hair and Makeup complete upon Arrival.

Elvis Vow Renewal Package
Elvis Vow Renewal Package $299

•Elvis performs your Ceremony starting with a walk back down the aisle while he sings one of his famous songs to the Bride (she's always a Bride to us)!

•Elvis then will start off with Scripture from the Love Chapter of the Bible in Corinthians, after that  don't be surprised if he hams up your Wedding Vows because he is quite the ham you know! Aaand we always say, the more you & your guests,should you bring up to twelve, ham it up, Elvis hams it up! Oh & see if you can catch him looking at himself in the mirror!

•We don't wish to give everything away, however, you both will enjoy a First Dance and a Fast Song after you Renew your Wedding Vows!

•Your Elvis Vow Renewal is approximately 30 minutes with approximately a 30 minute early arrival. You may invite up to twelve (12) guests, please upgrade to the appropriate package for additional Guests.

•Also included is time for your Staged Photos with Elvis! With your own camera/cell phone or add our Wedding Photography for only  $199!

•Our Elvis Wedding Vow Renewal Package is great for Wedding Anniversaries whether it's your 1st or 50th and up! We are great at helping you plan a Surprise Anniversary Vow Renewal, we will tuck Elvis away & bring him out at just the right time! Call us at 615-881-3930 to book your Elvis Vow Renewal!

*No Refunds | No Deposits | No Holds | Payment in full with a debit or credit card | Please see Fine Print for complete terms and conditions | May reschedule the above packages within 6 months of original booking date.
* Wedding Photography available for $199.00 or Wedding Guests may take photos with their own cameras or cell phones.